Holiday Spirit

So, the next 3 weeks or so I would be in Chambarack, relaxing from all the drama, travelling and chaos.

I started by trying to make myself a routine again. I did my reading class every Thursday or Wednesday with the 5th or 6th Graders and regularly made the text we are and will be using. Then I also started having my “ Emil und die Detektive “ Class again, Thursdays I helped Emma with her classes , which are used to prepare children from the higher grades (7-9th) for language diplomas from the Goethe institute or the PASCH initiative and their exams. There were also a few more spontaneous happenings where I had to jump in for a sports teacher for example. It was horrible haha. I went with the children to the sports hall and since the teacher was gone, the ball room/ office was closed but that didn’t stop them! since they were younger children they managed to sneak through the bars of the door and kick the balls through before coming back through them haha. But that was a mistake, I didnt really have a lot of control of the class and so the balls where flying throw the hall. hitting children everywhere, I got two balls against my head too haha. I was pretty unresponsive there and just kinda was  throwing hoops calmly while there where kids crying haha  But yeah , no one was seriously injured luckily ;). Below is a picture of the culprits caught „karmin“ handed. Them little monkeys haha.

Then interestingly, remember the kids who always used to call me out for Football? Well it seems like that stopping really was caused by the change of seasons wince the moment it got a bit warmer and sunnier, they where back on the field again and I played with them on a few occasions. The field was really littered though. The winds had blown all the plastic and garbage from the mountains down. The grown was also very wet and almost mud like due to the molten snow and so my shoes usually looked liked this after a good half an hour of playing with them:

A lovely sight isn’t it?

Otherwise , the new season was really starting to show it self. The mountains in the distance where almost always covered in snow and it chambarack turned white aswell on more than a few occasions:

Towards the end of my stay there for this year, and with the ever closer creeping holiday season I prepared a small lesson for 4th to 5th graders where we would spend a lesson or two singing a German christmas song and craft and cut out snowflakes out of Paper. I got the snowflake idea from my childhood in school and thought that it was a very efficient and easy task for the children. The song we sung was “ Lass und Froh und Munter sein“ A pretty catchy and well-known german song. Here are some pictures from that little weeklong “ workshop“ with the different 4th and 5th graders:

Well so yeah, now im in Yerevan ( my plane is at ( in around 12 hours) typing up this last blog post finally haha, i wont have to worry about writing this for like almost another month xD. Today I basically just went shopping for presents ( spent 30 euros) and figuring out how I will manage to sneak like 4 extra kilo onto the plane because my allowance is only 6Kg. I’ve been having weird feeling in my lower abdomen but im sure that will pass in the next few days. I’m already doing everything i can to help my body.

So wrapping up, the last three weeks where more of a „calm down phase“ and it was just a chill and standard time here in Chambarack and Armenia.

So I wish you all a lovely holiday, christmas and a great start into 2019!

Have some christmas spirit through the christmas decorations from the school in Chambarack!

See you next year <3


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  1. Merry Christmas 🙂 Lovely update, sad about your shoes though ;(
    Still waiting for more cow pictures, maybe in Germany you’ll find a stable.

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