Human Lexicon


So this little human Lexicon was a pretty unique Idea I had, it will capture the names aof all individuals I met , who i think are deemed worthy of being remebered in my Mind and memory of my time here.( Sounds cringy as fuck I know) I decided to go against posting a picture of those people for two reasons : first it would be kind of creepy and not very respectfull of the privacy of that person and secondly, it would make viewers of my blog maybe even imagine the person on their own. So  here they are, a huge round of applause and respect for the below listed People.

Human Lexicon


A granddaughter of Emmas. We have spoken a couple of times, she prefers russian over armenian and has coloured hair. She is a mixture between a emo, shy,goth person. I have invited her to join my lecture class.


A employee at the Yerevan Goethe-centrum. She works as the receptionist and handles everything from organization to planning to small errands. We occasionally work together, a sweet young lady ^^. She is also the daughter of Arthur.


A employee at the Yerevan Goethe-centrum. He mainly works as a Driver and helps around with setting up and etc. He and I get along very well i would say. He is also the first one to teach me some armenian and I spoke my first armenian with him. A very funny and sweet old man ( he isnt that old haha)


The sister of Ani and also a grand duaghter of Emmas. She is more of a nerd and i have also invited her to my lecture class.


A 10th grade student from the Highschool in Chambarack. Pretty cool gal, we occasionally talk and she also comes to my Lecture classes. We have made Pizza together once with a group of students xD


A 12th grade student from the Highschool in Chambarack. A queit/shy girl in my opinion but one can have good conversations with her. She takes private lessons with Emma ussually and i see her around the flat and sometimes I help Emma out to train a bit German with her while holding a conversation and moking Oral exams. I have also invited her to my lecture class.


A student I am taking care off and „mentoring“ for the singing contest next year. Quiet but chill dude and i think that he will rock the song “ Augenbling“ by SEEED with my training 😉


One of the Kiddos from the Yard squad. Quite cheeky


A fellow volunteer who is stationed In Baku in Azerbaijan. She is already 25, has studied something  with anthropology and is a pretty chill person ^^


The older brother of Stephan. One ofthe first children i had any contact with in Chamabrack. He and the Footballgang used to call me out to play football with them or take walks. They have stopped that recently and its kinda hit my ego haha. Both brothers are fun and energetic to be around.


The younger Brother of Suren. ne ofthe first children i had any contact with in Chamabrack. He and the Footballgang used to call me out to play football with them or take walks. They have stopped that recently and its kinda hit my ego haha. Both brothers are fun and energetic to be around.


Garush is also one of the kids that frequenntlz joine me and the football gang outside. While he is a verz nice kid, hes quite quiet.  But since ive learned armenian a bit better, can occasionallz communicate.


Also one of the Yard kiddos, funny, speaks mainly russian and has an Older sister who goes to the highschool.


A fellow volunteer in Yerevan, has short blond hair and could be prejudiced into a typical feminist and SJW. Is very sweet and caring though. Also part of my group of faves here. We have a few good interestaing discussions and thoughts sometimes .


A fellow volunteer in Yerevan. 22 and has studied international managment, a total pain in the ass… haha just joking. He looks turkish but hes polish which very surprising. Hes probably the best buddy here. Nothing else to add there really , hes a dope dude. Also hes the bitch magnet of our group haha


Aljosha was a volunteer which started out with us. He was a very phzsicallz active man. Here he joined a Triathlon club and made armenian and local friends,something we are quite envious about. He was stationed in the 6th school and well, I know or hope that he wont read this again, but that he was quite a wacky volunteer. Not only did i think that he wasnt very active in his work life, he also wasnt very active sociallywith us, and often there where quite some tentions between him and Martin, Kira and Elisa. But again, i dont reallz know what he did. Not alot of communication haha.


She knows who she is , 20.01.2019


The substitute school derektor and the Head of the German department at the No.1 School in Chambarack. She is also coincidentally the person who im staying with.Her home has really become very „homey“ for me haha. She can be described a a very lively, caring and interesting person . She has had over 40 years of teaching experience and she is even teaching the children of her Former pupils. We often have interesting talks about diverse topics and share a laugh sometimes. Definetely on of my favorite people in Armenia.

Heno Papik (Henrik)

The Quiet but strong presented husband of Emma. Back in the USSR he used to be the Boss of the cummunal industries around this area but after the collapse and years of unemplzement he now runs a small electronics store next to the super market. Despite his health problems he still drinks alot and even though he has a quiet natuere, he is a very sweet, humopurus and amicable man.


Nari a Grand child of Emmas. She is the daughter of Tigran , Emmas Son, and shes very very sweet


Emmi is a Grandchild of Emmas. She is the sister of Nari and also the daughter Tigran.


Anoush is a lovely german teacher who is employed at the Avb school. Despite her small stature she is an extremely energetic and like motivated person which is pretty cute and she was a contact person for me while I was there and still is .

The two Museum employees

During my „Deutsh im Museum “ Projekt they where very welcoming, tolearnt and helpfull even. They sclded the kids when thez didnt complz with museum rules, helped them with the worksheets on an occasion or two and just where so to say the peacekeepers of the whole thing. If it wasnt for them, then i would say that i woudnt have had such positive outcomes/experines with the whole projekt


Dana is my boss and a employee at the goethe centrum in Yerevan. She is a fucking amaying boss to work with and well even though i havnt finished my service at writing this, i can say that shes also a great friend. She has quite a good humour and is very tolerable of my quite disgusting German. I value that she listens and asks for mz ideas towardscertain projects and incorporates me into actually doing good work with the Goethe Institut. She also is a bit of a mentor in terms of ideas towards my fufutre who i will still be in contact with , even after im done here in Armenia.


Jacob is a pretty cool employee at the German Embassy in Yerevan. He also just started out here last year and its his first post. We met on the Summer trip into the south and i think we connected quite well. We occasionallz stay in contact through work mails and Embassy Events but overall hes a prettz cool but maybe a slightly socially awkward dude haha.


Meghri is a Employee with the DAAD. We also met on the Summertrip into the South. To be honest, first i was still a bit shy around her but throughout the whole trip and spendig time togther in the little group of „delegates“ i grew to like her alot and shes also a verz bright and funny person. Ive had quite some good laughs with her.


Mamikon is a student of mine in the No.1 School in Chambarack. He is probably the brightest kid there and is very motivated in several aspects. Im not going to write alot, but we all are very curios on how his future in going to play out!


Another Student of mine from the 12th grade. She and Mamikon where the two first students i was exposed to in the school and she and him showed me around CHambarack when i arrived. I must say that she used to be more active with me but we will see hm?


Syuzanna is also another student from the 9th grade in Chambarack. She is probably , with Mamikon and Luisa, part of the best speaking group of students there at the school and well shes also a pretty cool young lady. Im also quite curious how she will develop her german skillls while transitioning to the secondary school!


Novik is the Art teacher from School. Hes pretty chill. Thats it haha.


Eline or Elen , how she likes  to be called, is next to Emma the other German teacher at school. Aside from that,she also teacher armenien to who? To me! we have enjoyed quite the funny misscommunications and lessons of armenian which, i must say, really did help me learn the language a bit better. To the lesson itself , they are quite good and well, im doing my best which isnt always the best haha but im very gratefull that Elen can shake that lazyness off with a laugh or a comedic complaint haha.


Karen is a armenian employee at the German embassy. But he also doubles as a helper at the Goethe centrum and ive been assigned with him together a few times during projekts and events. We even shared a room together once, haha we had seperate rooms of course but generally, hes a pretty layed back guy with whom you can easily talk with.


Luisa is the lst member which i would probably include into the “ good german speakers“ group at the No.1 School. Even though she has quite the skills, she is still  very shy and rarely speaks out herself or speaks at all really haha. I hope that , that will change, it doesnt even have to be while im still here 😉


Kira is also another Volunteer here in the WG. Shes a personawith quite a few interesting and strong opinions with whom weve all had quite a number of deep and interesting talks with. ASide from her Ideas, she is able to still be a nice and funny person in the right situation which always result in times like cooking for diner or playing cards in the evening. Also  a Ireplasable member of the group with Elisa and Martin.


Malena is a student of mine at the Chambarack school. While she isnt the best german learner, she does understand it quite well and occasionaly joins my classes which i appreciate. Otherwise i joke around and tease her quite a bit haha.



Anna jan is a student of Benjamin. MArtin met her once and well after inviting us all to go iceskating a few times and doing that, we took her to her first club visit. That night was quite legendary. Even though we did have fun, im pretty sure shes not very fond of our nightly lifestyle and not all experiences are great of course. Otherwise she is a sweet girl with quite the German knowedgle with whom we can really joke and have fun with! Maybe shell even be studying in Germany next year!


A Friend of Elisa who came and visited in April. She was quite a change in pace here and we got along very well! It was great spending a week with her!

Really great ^^