Das ist „der Besuch“

Dear  Readers,

lets hope that ill manage to type all this up and post it today, since today is Sunday and I really don’t have a lot of  time haha.

So this week! It started pretty well, school is going pretty alright, except for  the fact that im loosing motivation to like do the reading club. It started with me knowing that i have the 5th graders club on Monday, and well I just never came around to track them down in school and tell them that they have the club with me because I wasn’t there during my holiday and that’s why I think they thought that i stopped offering it.You always have to remind them because their growing little minds are always packed with something else. So well , I fucked up Monday. And well then, because I already fucked up monday, i kinda just didnt t feel the motivation or really care about Tuesday either haha. So yeah,the Reading club had a little break this week.

Oh and well since i promised that I would take pictures of animals when i could, i did. I think it was even Monday, when a family of cows crossed my path on my way home so here they are :

(not the best picture quality I know, but well , you and I have to live with  it 😉 )

So  what did I do during  the week? Well besides the discouragement of the Reading club, I was really busy with my Projects, like really. before I go into what im doing in my Armenian lessons. So as i mentioned, last week i finished with the alphabet and that my future lessons would be with a more practical. And well, I started with things like talking about myself and introductions. Then we passed on to talking about one’s family and basic things like hobby. I also started catching up with my Armenian vocabulary, Elen gave me quite a number of verbs to learn. So ill be working on that again but it’s just very difficult to concentrate and sustain the constant learning and motivation feed to learn all those vocabulary cards.

Other wise I was very busy with the “ Deutsh lernen mit König Artus “ or “ Learn German with King Arthur “ project. A page will be made for that once it has been completed, or maybe a bit earlier. That way u can actually update on the progress and milestones I hit on the way. Additionally I also have the “ Bauhaus“ project which will also get a site of its own once I manage to plan out the basics and outline of that event. It really just is very tiring and stress haha because im pretty sure that I won’t be able to complete the “ Deutsch lernen mit König Arthus“ Projekt untill the end of my Service here so I’ll probably finish it in Germany and send over 2 copies, one for the Goethe Centrum And one for the school. But none of that now! That l all get elaborated on its own side haha. Alright well during the week I also tried to meet up with the German teacher from the secondary school to talk with her about what I could do with the students who would be interested in having a weekly lesson with me. It didn’t work out haha yeah so I’ll try to fit that into next week! Oh and well I really started liking herbs here and well I always eat them with scrambled eggs and while I was shopping, I paid quite a low price for my purchase. In the picture are two bushels of mixed herbs, 6 pieces of red beetroot, 3 apples, 2 Kiwis, and that for 800 dram or well 1.30€ . A ridiculously cheap price.Below is a picture of my successful “ raid“:

Another thing i did for the first time was that i developed quite a craving for fried potatoes, and that’s why, I needed potatoes. And we had just run out potatoes in the Apartment, and that’s why I decided to  venture alone  into the basement, where i knew they had their stash of potatoes. So i asked emma for the key, flashlight and the direction to which door i had to go to. It was the second last door on the night. And so I went downstairs and found the place, although it was a bit scary at the beginning. Here is a picture of the Hallway and the Storage unit:



And well when i arrived in Yerevan on Thursday evening, we had a visitor, Johanna. She is a friend of Elisas, from her little community in rural Germany. And well she was visiting her since she just got done with her Abi and well she already met up with Elisa in Georgia and made her way down to Yerevan. She got here on Thursday. Friday  Elisa, her friend and I started of the day by finally going to the Matenadaran, the Armenian language museum. We where thinking about getting a tour guide , but I generally don’t like following people who explain things to me so i manged to convince them to just go in by  our own and so we did. We did however occasionally latch on to one or the other travel group where we could understand what they where saying. We walked around fora bit and well kinda got bored haha, and since Elisa already was there once, she quickly showed us to the important things and explained a bit so we could dip out of there.

Next thing on our plan was to have some lunch and at the same time meet a friend which Johanna and Elisa made in Tbilisi. I called him Fiat because the  name sounded quite similar. We ate at Jengalovhaz, and we came there earlier and ordered 3 Jengalovhaz and a nice mint tea. We talked a bit and after 30 minutes or so Fiat arrived. While we where waiting we (Elisa and Johanna) where gossiping about him. He arrived, and he was this probably like 30-year-old energy bundle and we just sat a bit and talked. He was this  like alright dude, who through his kinda shady business, can afford to travel around how he is doing. But overall he was despite his energy like a wacky person. And well, we all just kinda wanted to move on and continue with our day plan, and every time we where like moving towards the end of the conversation, Elisa would always say something critical to keep it going or like “ You can join us later“ so haha me and Johanna always exchanged dreadful looks.

After that we basically just went home and chilled until 19:00 came around. 19:00 was when the Ballet was starting and we had tickets to that Ballet. The Ballet was „Cippolino„. and here are two pictures from the performance and Elisas lovely face right when the performance was starting.

Im pretty sure you can tell yourself which picture is which.

But well, in  summary,while the actual ballet was not that interesting, but it was quite amusing trying to find out and the whole plot and the meaning of the acts and characters, since we didn’t read a Ballet summary before. So yeah, and after that while we where getting our coats and getting ready to leave to home, we decided to really throw a party at our place. I ordered 5 Pizzas from a new Pizza place and we all wrote people who we knew. We rushed home and started cleaning up and going shopping for alcohol and such. And as we where standing in line and i was ready to pay, I reached for my wallet and realized that it was gone. II panicked quite strongly because I had quite a lot of things in there. My identity cards, my insurance and credit card and about 100€ in AMD. So Elisa payed and Martin and me walked down the way we came to see if I maybe dropped it somewhere on the way. Sadly we didn’t find it there and when we came back to the supermarket, the rest had left for home already and so we head there as well. Me in a quite shitty and wacky mood. And well, after I had made it up to the stairs to the apartment, I was told that i had never taken my Wallet to the Ballet and that it was lying right there on the table the whole time, so that was a quite positive turn of the evening and i was very relieved.

So we cleaned up, Martin invited a student of his and his friend, both of which showed up and Annajan also came around and we all started drinking. Anna jan is also the person i introduced Johanna as the „Besuch“ or Visitor as, hence the title of this Blog entry.Soon after the Pizzas arrived and we started eating. And well after a while of alcohol and food we where quite drunk already and headed out. In conclusion to the evening, we got denied at one club and just basically got very shit faced at the Stoyka before just coming home. Nothing memorable and not the best experience.

And well, the next Morning all of us just woke up totally hung over and dead. We just sat around at home since we where literally wasted and that was the reason why the day was also wasted.

Sunday, we went to the vernissage where i bought a quite an old german book about Armenia , Martin bought a Book in Russian which talked about history to help his russian skills. Johanna was looking for a ring which she didn’t find sadly, but we did see a whole new side of the vernissage. WE walked around to the end of the market and around the far sides and saw really cool and weird things like old postcards, medical equipment, chemical equipment, military equipment and all kinds of other jazz. Other than that we just headed to crumbs to eat some lovely food and after that, we just headed home and chilled there like always haha.

Monday was the start of the normal working week again which meant that Martin and Kira had to head to their jobs. Well only martin, because Kira was hella sick. Elisa had taken off for Johanna and I was well, just being lazy and decided to allow myself another free day because Tuesday and Wednesday where Work off days. So we three sat down in the morning and decided to take a look at the Church on the Sevan Peninsula , Sevanavank , so Johanna could see some other part of Armenia as well, not only Yerevan. We hopped into a GG and got to the northern Bustation to hop onto the Matrschroutka to Sevan. Sadly, the men there told us that the bus was already fool and I improved and asked when the Bus to Chambarack would be leaving. They said that it would leave in around 5 minutes, so I decided that we would just hop onto that one, because it also passes the Sevan Peninsula, and we would just hop off there. And thats what we did. We drove there and I don’t quite ask how our guest likes the trip haha but lets continue! The moment we hopped of at the road leading into the Peninsula we were hit with the Wind. I had warned everyone to put on some extra clothes because it would be cold and the wind would be strong, but I wasn’t ready for this haha. We walked for 15 minutes through the icy wind to the steps of the Hill and climbed them. That part was even worse, i was afraid to get some ear infection or a cold because of the strong wind. Once up, we huddled into the sides of the old monastery and hid in the chapel, where we enjoyed the idyllic silence and light smell of candles for a few minutes before making our way down again. It was kinda wack because normally the view from the chapel over the land/seascape is quite stunning. ( If you have been with me from the start of this blog and know the couple of first pictures, you’ll know) and on that day, it was just quite murky, haily and cloudy.

Here are some Pictures of the bad weather and view:

We got ourselves a Khachapuri and a gata from the small bakery below where the baker could surprisingly speak German before we hopped into a Taxi back to Yerevan.  At home we just hunkered down and drank some Hot chocolate and marshmallows and Johanna got a hair cut and well, the evening was quite interesting in many ways because of a few medical issues xD No further Comment. And that was Monday.

Tuesday was a pretty simple day. We headed out to the national Gallery of Yerevan to look at the permanent exhibition there and it was quite cool. I didn’t know that they had ancient Roman or Egyptian artifacts there. But looking at the history, it makes sense haha. Otherwise we all admired the works of Aivazovsky and Saryan for example. I dont include pictures of the Artworks because first of all it would ruin the „Yerevan experience“ for you and ill maybe even make or post into an „Art“ Page ill make here where ill post pictures ill draw based on things ive seen in the Museums! So well see.We did sadly leave too early because we all skipped out on breakfast kinda, me and Johanna had Instant noodles haha, and well just wanted to eat. Which we did of course, at Tashir Pizza. After that we went and looked at the Church of St.Gregor the Illuminator, which is right at the Metro Station Zoravar Andronik , which we then used to get home haha. The evening was quite interesting too! That evening was the „March against Turkey“ Protest, which aimed at getting attention towards the fact that Turkey hasn’t really accepted the fact that they committed genocide. We joined them around 8 pm. , and joined Martin and two of his students who were already in the march. There we also got DIY torches and just walked the Kievyan street down to the Genocide memorial Park. We chilled there for a bit before just heading back home because we where cold, hungry and tired. `We managed to Order sushi and other Asian delivery food at 23:30 and well, waited until around 0:30 until it came. I swear, i was so fucking happy once the delivery guy called haha. We enjoyed our Asian cuisine with a small cup of 10 year old Ararat and after the dinner, Johanna , Elisa and Me still had one Cha Cha shot, where i almost threw up, but lets forget that. We talked for a bit more before going to sleep and ending that final full day.

Genocide day, or this Wednesday was very relaxed. We just basically sat around. Julian, a Volunteer from Georgia who had only had a half-year service had come around to visit so we joined out little party aswell. Around lunch time we headed out to the city to eat some traditional for Elisa Guest and after that, with an Ice cream, headed back home where we also had to leave immediately so that Johanna could catch her connection to Tbilisi , where she would be flying home from. So 30 minutes later and standing at the Kilikia Bustation, we waved the minibus good-bye where Johanna was in.

And that basically summed up the „Visitor week“ i was planning on reporting on.

Oh and another two facts  during the week:

I had quite the problem with sleeping, always waking up between 5 and 7 mostly, which had its personal and emotional reasons, but that always was a bit frustrating haha.

Oh and I started learning “ Time in a Bottle“ on the UkeleleUkelele is quite  easy and fun instrument to learn with which you can do quite a lot. And with the help of the Internet, Johanna and Elisa, I did quite well, Apparently i learn it very fast so I guess good on me 😉

dont know with Johanna there it really was a change of pace. Maybe because it was another „new“ German, maybe not. Who knows 😉 haha. Anyways, here are some of the memorable jokes which were made while she was there:

  1. Killing Martin by simply placing a pillow onto his face while he sleeps. because he sleeps like an Egyptian mummy and doesn’t move.
  2. Complimenting with “ Inkompitent
  3. Learning Jenisch, and mostly using „fesch
  4. Having lovely people like Murat around Johanna
  5. Generally patriotic Armenian jokes like the toast “ Auf Hayastan und Tod den Türken“ and being admitted as an Armenian citizen when you have seen, drank and taken a drag of Ararat.
  6. Stell dich nicht so an“
  7. „Hier wird nichts verziehen“

But there’s quite a number of many other things , but those are too much to mention. Besides, its best kept in oneself. Anyways, the general visit was really another highlight of this FSJ so i hope ill be able to see Elisa and Johanna next year again after this service during my „Transgerman Bike tour“ But that’s maybe a post for itself.

Illl be having another pretty stressy and busy end of the week and Weekend with the Goethe Institut and maybe even Elisa so thatls be coming up next!

I cant wait to see the sea of comments haha, hope you enjoyed reading, I apologize for the bad grammer ,spelling and ill see you soon!

A ты куда пропал?

„A ты куда пропал?“ or rather “ where did you disappear too?„was what one of the Groundskeepers of the school asked me fleetingly on my second day back at school and well, I thought it would be fitting for this Blog post, since I have been gone from my duty in Armenia aswell as neglecting my blog duties. (He didn’t mean it as passive aggressively as it sounds like hah)

Well, ill just skip the things that happened in the time where I was non-active on here, because first of all know that not alot or no special things had happened and plus, it was in the past and I should rather report on things that are current… which brings me to this week really!

So I arrived back in Chambarack on a Wednesday and well, I decided to stay over the weekend because it would make me slip into life here again. And well, it did help! Towards the start of the second week I was bustling and busy like never before. Eline was pressing too because im a lazy Armenian learner and I had my own projects, visions and lessons which i wanted to complete and plan. But before I elaborate on developments there, I would like to address something.

I noticed that people here are extremely humble, for example, emma. She works a full day job, cooks basically every meal at homecleans and makes sure everything runs smoothly and in school. Not only that but she often sits at home, late in the evenings after she had done every chore, reading german text books and planning future ideas and lessons. Its really insane how… committed? She is towards certain things she is passionate about. Not only does she care about students, but also fro a school as a whole, which brings me to a thing I was working on quite alot this week.

So a while back, Emma told me that she came in Contact with a Foundation in Germany which was looking to support and finance something for schools who needed upgrades in every aspect possible, and she asked me to help her out in matters of communication. Of course I agreed! It seemed like quite an interesting thing to work on. And well this week Emma told me that the foundation had sent her the Contract, how it was until now. I looked over it, explained it to her and translated a few parts she didn’t understand, because she then had to go to the director and convince him to be onboard and sign the Contract. We would be getting am Amount for 10 new computers (including mouse, keyboard and screen) and that would be quite an upgrade to our existing Computer room. SO she went to his office and talked to him about it before coming to me a bit distressed because he didn’t agree to the agreement. The actual terms were fine! The issue was how the transaction would proceed. Before the Foundation would give us the money, they would have to receive the completed contract between the school and the IT Company aswell as the schools bank information. The problem is that signing a binding contract without having the actual funds to pay for the agreement is in a grey area in the Armenian financial laws and out director didn’t want to put his financials at risk. After being in contact with the foundation nd the company about this problem, we came to inserting a clause into the agreement between the SChool and the IT Company which read that this contract will come into action after the school recieved the full amount of funds onto their bank account.

And well i wrote that contract between the school and the COmpany. It was alot of work haha and I was quite nervous because it was quite a sum of Money. After around two hours of formulating, thinking and using german words I haven’t heard in quite a whilewe finally printed out three copies which the director and the bussiness owner signed in his office. One for us, One for the business and one original for the foundation in Germany. So now what we will have to see is if the foundation had updates their contract and when they will send it to us so we can sign that as fast as possible aswell to start the processing and transaction process. That happened on Thursday afternoon. There are quite a few other things that happend this week haha.

So I also started my Armenian lessons again with Eline. One good accomplishment though! I managed to finish the lst set of Letters in the Alphabet.  Yay! Haha, it’s kinda sad, but im very determined to further my Skills alot! We started to learn more specialized vocabulary in the upcoming lessons and im very sure that ill be getting into conjugating verbs in the diferent times aswell!

Aside from the two above mentioned things I also was planning a new project which will be written about and made part in a new page and got approve to continue my „Zerbrochenes Gemälde“ Project so that was quite an issue aswell. Here was a picture of my quite messy desk during the week haha.

Oh and another thing that is finally happening here is that the snow is slowly disappearing. Last week and the start of this one still had the mountain sides in the distance and Chambarack being covered in a good amount of snow. From Wednesday on around, the sun started to show itself again after a long winter again and the snow slowly started to dissapear again. That though, brought up another problem. All the melted snow came down flowing through Chambarack, the football field in front of our balcony was quite swamped and overrun by water and streams of water was flowing over the streets and gushing down the nwely installed gutters. It probably flowed down into the direction of the Sevan lake. Here two pictures of that natural phenomenon happening. I think ill call it the „Great snow migration.“


Otherwise, spring has really started to show! Things have started to bloom and grow while the Animals are out again aswell. Now groups of chickens roam the streets while new born calfes and their familys happily are outside. Ive even seen some Horses and goats roaming around! Ill try and take pictures when I can for the animals fans there! ( you know who you are)

Alright, so that was the week. Now to the weekend!

AS always, it started with me heading of to Yerevan. That happened when TigranEmmas sontook me with him after I finished writing the Contract between the school and the IT Company. He took me with a friend of his, she was really fucking annoying haha if I may say so and I hope they don’t read this, back to Yerevan where he even called me a taxi to take me to the aprtment , because I didnt have internet on my phone. Heres a picture of the Gas station we stopped to tank:

had some plans for the weekend which where:

Go to the Goethe Centrum and return a book while also taking some cds which broke in Chambarack to replace them.
Go to Vivacell MTS and get a Simcard to fit my old phone because my old one had broken and the slim slot was too big.
Have some fun!
Now to how those plans worked out!

I went there on Friday and did exactly what I needed to do! Now ill just have to replace the audio and make sure that the CDs i took are the ones we actually broke h.
Somewhere during Friday evening with a talk with Elisa I think, I brought up my prolem and she blurted out that she had like a SIM stencil where I could just put my Simcard in. She went into her room and soon after brought me back the stencil. It fit after a bit of work nicely and now im back to my old moile plan! Stupidly, I realised that I had exactly the same stencil in my backpack in some corner, hidden away haha.
didi had a good time catching up with Kira, Martin and Elisa again. We went to a PASCH event, got drunk and went out and of course cooked together, below is a picture:

(Hope they dont sue me)

So in general, it was a pretty good Week! Just very busy and alot of work and things to do, good and bad haha. Well, I find that this Blog entry is written a bit weirdly so I promise to make the one next week as it was before!

Till next Week!

The German Hitparade


This has happened about 1 and a half month ago. There was this big build up to the event Holga, an employee of the PAD, who worked as like an organizer, „cultur-worker“ and teacher in Armenia for German education and culture. He planned out this big event which would bring together two students from all PASCH schools around Armenia for one big singing contest in Yerevan. So of course, my school was also invited to it. The contestants of my school where Ashot and Milena.

Ashot had gotten the song „Augenbling“ by SEEED and Liana had the song „Wie schön du bist“ by Sarah O Conner. While Lianna had already experience in singing. Having a quite good voice, attending Singing school for a couple of years and singing in front of bigger crowds multiple times, I focused my attention on Ashot, who well was really doing his best. I still thought that he had quite the potential in the whole act so I really started thinking about many aspects. Thoughts about his actual performance, not only the singingso the dancingcostumes and appearance came to my mind and I started to really feel the task I was given.

So, over a few monthshe and I started practising together.

First, I started by just being there with him as he sang the text, by looking of the text, occasionally correcting his pronunciation and other minor mistakes. Next, I told him to learn he text off by heart, which was not an easy task, not even native germans, know it perfectly. The tricky part was that the last segment of the Song was in Patwa/Patua english, which already is ridiculous because he never had English lessons in his life.

While he was being a good boy and practising the text out loud at home daily, I focused the practising lessons on getting his act up. The first time I put him up onto the small stage and said“ Lets go!„He just awkwardly shuffled around my mumbling the text and not raising his head at all. So,I did the cliche movie move and got up there with him. I started dancing and singing on stage, without showing any sign of embarrassment and well just told him to follow me, or look at me or just do what he feels like. That action really got me pumped. Like I really felt like a teacher or like someone who could so something. I don’t know, its quite a weird thing to explain haha

Well anyways, we continued to practise away. I knew that it was going to be a tight fit. Sadly we did miss a good amount of time because

 a) I was gone                               

 c)bad communication

 b)he was not there                      

d)Me not  pressing through to hunt him down and ask when he had time.

e) Only meeting once a week

But none of that now, let’s continue! We decided to dress Ashot up as like the Main Singer Peter Fox as he was on a different Album cover. It would be a slick suit with a tie. Over time, the act slowly came together. He learnt the text of pretty wellhe even learned the english part unbelievably well. His behaviour on stage started to get better, so I took us to the next step. We scanned through the text together and found parts in the lyrics where he would do small dance moves or gestures to reflect the contents of the song. We had quite a few cool things. He had a part where he would act like someone should call him or h would point at a random person when he would say „You“. I sadly cant go into every single little detail of the whole performance which we planned out. If I find the copy of the Lyric text ill be sure to post it here, There you can see all the comments, marking and parts we changed, planned and how we interpreted them.
The time ran through our fingers and for the last two weeks before the Event, I wanted to ask the Class teachers to tell the kids to go into the big auditorium where Ashot would be practising so Ashot could prepare himself to perform in front of a big crowd. Because the event would at least be attended by 200 peopleI wanted to do anything, so that Ashot got used to perform in front of a crown and being comfortable in that positionbecause that plays quite a big impact on the actual performance. Sadly, that did not work out and well, I was a bit disappointed at myself, but I was sure that the performance would work out in the end.

Well the day of the Event came around, it was a Saturday, and we (the two performers and me) had to be there at around 9 for a final check. So we all three hopped into Ashots parents car who where friendly enough to drive us there at 7:30 and made our way to Yerevan. The rest of the people invited, so a few teachers and students would be driven to the“Arno Babajanjan“ concert hall at around 11 where the performances actually started. We arrived a bit early and well soon after the other volunteers and Holga, the organizer I mentioned above , arrived and we were let in.

Of course we volunteer where dressed up all nicely, all in dress shirts, black pants and a tie or a bowtie. (just as a side comment haha)

Anyways, we set up the hall a bit and waited for the other participants to settle in so we could start the final checks. Here is a picture of the establishment while it was still empty:

So the people slowly arrive from the other schools aswell, and we start the whole final check up process. When it was my turn for the kids to come and practise, I made sure that they would move enough (plus points for the act) and there was another problem. The microphone was very sensitive with the distance of the sound, which meant that you really had to hold the mike close to your mouth, so it would work, Sadly even during the final check up, Ashot was struggling with it a bit and well, that kinda was a small foreshadow of what would happen later.

The whole process at the start was too chaotic already. Martin and Elisa where put in charge for the slides and music and I was just helping out here and there where I could. We had too little time and well, there where teachers pressing us to be the next one to practise, while others wanted more time and etc.. It was chaotic haha. Anyways, we managed to get through the Bulk and the guests also started to settle in. We had quite prominent guests like the Minister of Education, the Mayor of Yerevan and the German embassador. Nikol Pashinyan was also invited, but he sadly didn’t come haha.I would rather skip the actual description of the Actual performance and explain it a bit, before elaborating on some pros and cons of the whole thing and other notable events that happened.

So the event would be built up with each performer/group performing their song on stage with their music in the background, and after their act, would get a score from the four Judges that where there. (all of them, musical professionals and in the Armenian Music and industry business, well-known people).

Now that was the Original plan, and well frankly, mostly things don’t go as planned and it didn’t haha.

So well everything that went wrong/was bad:

1.The judges complained that it was too difficult to judge each contestant and would rather have a summarized feedback after every 3 acts or so.

2. One Judge just left after 15 minutes or so and didn’t come back.

3. Lianna never got her evaluation because of. (1)

4. We forgot to give the presents out in the end.

5. The event was pretty unfair since there was a big age gap present. The youngest performer was nine and the oldest 18. Otherwise, there was a big difference in the skill level. Some of the performers did what they did professionally, while other just did it for the first time.

To all the good things:

1.Despite the Chaos, it was a pretty successful Event. It was published in Armenian Tv with Interviews and even back home in several prominent newspapers.

2.The judges handed out personalized awards to their favorite act, Like a Photoshoot or music video shoot.

3. I cant reiterate tis, but Holga. I know I have not talked alot about him but he really put so much work into this. Not only did he plan the whole event, he even contacted all the original artists of the chosen song and asked them to record, a message for the performer. One artist even ended up coming to Armenia. He really deserves alot of the credit here. A great man!

But now to the performances of Lianna and Ashot:

Lianna: Lianna performed quite well, even though she wasn’t anything „special“ she definitely had her best act on stage. She sang wellhitting all the high notes in her text while being active enough on stage with her body. Sadly because of the judges complaint about the evaluationshe didn’t receive one, even when we asked multiple times after her act. A shame really. We even considered her pretty high up for the award „Winner of the Crowd.

Ashot: Ashot, as mentioned above, had a small problem with the microphone. That sadly was hearable in the performance, or shall I rather say… unhearable;) haha. But really it was a shame, and I must say that he had much better playthrough during our practice sessions, but I don’t really blame him. I could see, and he also told me that he was extremely nervous and well it just got to him. Im very proud of him, though!

And that concludes the summary of that extraordinary event. What matters is that everyone had fun! And everyone did!

P.S. A professional media crew was hired to take pictures and videos during the event and once I have a link or access to the material, ill post it on here!

We return live from Armenia

Well hi!
Im back, officially, and I apologise for my inactivity! I had quite alot of things to deal with the past 2 months and I coudnt find the motivation or the will to keep writing buuuuut.. now ill do my best to keep on, becuase I realized the importance of it! So look forward to posts in the Future!
With best regards,