5 Gedanken zu „Neues Update von Reisen, Tirana und Projekten

  1. CC

    Your desire to explore this new community and become integrated within it is inspiring! I’m curious if you’ve experienced any hostility since arriving.

    1. Briana Grupp Beitragsautor

      CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC my love! So nice to hear from you. I wish you had a blog about Rome. I would love to read it. Oh, so much hostility from the people. When I went to the market to get vegetables I said in Albanian: Nuk dua quese. This means I don’t want a plastic bag in albanien. For that sentence, I got an apple from the man selling the vegetables and fruits. I was really proud. This is just a small gesture, but overall the country and its people have shown me so much hostility that I feel so welcome here.

  2. David Felt

    How cool to discover this relatively unknown gem through your eyes! I never would’ve guessed that it’s a place that quietly says „Come to me – discover the beautiful people and lovely nature of Albania!“ I hope the kids in your classroom are getting as much out of your output as you seem to be getting out of theirs!!! Send more pictures of cafe life in the downtown area – or the historical areas!!

    1. Briana Grupp Beitragsautor

      WOW! You are my first comment! Couldn’t have wished for anyone else! I will update you on the historical area right now! Good point! Aswell as pictures of cafe life:) Faleminderit Mr.Felt!

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