When you meet Merkel in the Marschroutka


Well this week was pretty standard, while i dont really remember monday… even though i did say tthat ill do my best and not be shy… so im very confused about this all.. Oh! I legit just remembered haha, It was my birthday on that day and thats why i think the day didnt go really as planned!  Well other wise it just snowed alot towards the edn of the week, like alot. Ive never seen snow fall that rapidely and Emma even said that if there would be a strng wind , that there would be a blizzard and that shes always nervous in these situations. But luckily none of that hapened.

I sepnd my birthday not very flamboyantly. I woke up like usual and went to work like usual, there some of the teachers got me small presents though,which was nice and ordered one big bix of Khachapuri, which was very yummy haha. Now when my work day ended, i was planning to go home but was stopped by a few kids I know and was surprised with a cute “ party“ out of a raffaello cake and some juice.I did feel pretty guilty because that cake probably did cost alot. WE did have a very nice time though and i did appreciate it alot. But otherside i just spent my day pretty boringly but my evening was the favorita part of my day. Emma made a really good dinner and with some local Vodka and good food we had a lovely dinner and conversation. That really made my day (the alcohol maybe played a role in there 😉 )Heres a pciture of the food:

Told you, bomb ass food..

Never the less, the week rolled on. Im not sure if i mentioned the „coldening“ weatther. Below is a picture of our high tech heating being switched on ( well its actaully alw´ready on, we just supplied it with some new fuel.):

The next funny thing that happened was what happened during the “ Emil und die Detektive“ class. It was aa rather boring thing and thus, the low partisipating number of kids where getting a bit more loudy and sloppy than usual. And so Mamikon, im sure ive mentioned him before, was making stupid noises and class and thus, he was sent to the corner, where he spent the rest classtime . He even participated pretty well I was very surprised, but im sure the he leaerned his lesson  haha here he is :

Well a high point of the week was  the end, especially the weekend. The people from Yerevan came to Chmabrack to visit me. Reasening would be my birthday partially aswell as giving them a small change of life, this weekend on the „country“ haha. Well so Martin, Elisa and Kira jumped onto the morning Marschroutka and arrived here at around 12 a.m . When i went to pick them up at the city centre it turned out the walked way past me on the other size of the street, turns out they got out a station too late and they kind of where trying to follow my instruction where to meet them. So i brough them up to my place and introduced them to Emma. (laptop just crashed, rip to the lost paragraph) Right after that we decided to make a small lunch of maccaroni and fsome vegetabke sauce whuch they got to enjoy with Emmas redicoulosly good Kompott, which they llike everyone else, loved haha. After lunch we went out and enjoyed the white landscape a bit by starting a snow ballf fight with each other. Of course we had many armenian onlookers from their apartment windwos. I tried to get some of the kids i know to come adn join us but tthey had somereason i didnt know of and thus, they didnt come down. Anyways, after around 45 minutes outside in the pretty cold we returned back inside where we proceeded to just chill, listen to muisc, talk and play a card games called “ Wizard“ which took up our time untill we heard some quick knockking on the door. I already knew who it was and sure it was the kids asking us to come out and play with them. After a quick persuasion of the rest of the groupwe suited up again and where greeted by snowballs flying towards us when we exxited the building. What ensued was a brutal, inhumane and cruel Snowball fight spanning over 40 minutes haha. It was very cool, i dont really know what to write about it. It was simply a good and fun snowball fight. After we came back home, soaked in snow we continuied out game of „Wizard “ which took up our time untill dinner. In that time the titel of this Post actaully orignated. We came onto the fact that Angela Merkel visited Armenianin december and that i didjt  know about it. And then the conversation turned to how she would be arrving and be acting in Armenia. That brought up the suggestion that she would be , so she woudnt be exposed to risks, blended in with the armenian locals, taking their little old and half brocken busses around town and how we would react if wed get onto the small crouded transporter and just see her sitter there calmy haha. Emma was so nice to make us some Rice, fried fish, Tattoo ( soething like pickled vegetables). We enjoyed out lovely meal with some wine and a very surprisingly strong and good homemade Cherry liquior Emma gave us. Im not going to lie, im going to try and ask Emma if she can make me a bottle for when i return back to Germany.  So we had a lovely dinner with good vies, good nourishment and interesting talk about mostly one topic : Femenism ( Kira 😉 ) haha. It sounds cringy but its interesting to har the opinions ande experiences from the other peeps.

So after dinner the twp genders kinda just took themselves, me and martin chilling in my room while the girls chilled intheri room. And so the nigh passed and we woke up around 9:30. After a quick waking up tea and breakfast fro some we departed to walking back to the buststaion where they would get on the marschroutka to Yerevan. Now funilly , bcause i didnt knwo the bus scedulce , we arrived 3 hours early haha so we startd walking back untill emma called me and told me that our neighbour would be driving in  ataxi back to yerevan and that it would be even easier fro then to go that way. And so they took the Taxi back. Well and i was left on my own again, but it didnt let that get me! That sunday was also a very good day beacuse of what ensued during the rest of day. I enjoyed another nice Snowball fight with the lids in the courtyard before other kids joinded and we ut out efforts to make a snow man, here a picture of the team:

Ah and from the left on :         , Stephan,       , suren, Goshar, David

After that a few kids went back inside while the others wher just egtting started. I helped the children get their sleds from the storage rooms under their houses and as a group we set out to a very small “ hill“ at the side of the road leading to our school. Ther the kids had alot of fun riding down in their sledges or just rolling dwon or sliding with their bodeis. I also had two runs, i was quite afraid since i had no controll and i was much to big for the sldges but  i didnt die haha. They even made a little train of 4 sledges and thundered down the hill just to tip over sideways at the bottom, laugh and run up again for another ride. But yeah, that really made me a bit happy and lifted my spirits. Well  but that was about it for this wekk, here are just the pictures from the visit from my friends and the Sled-play after. Hope to see you next week!



These where fom the visit and the time outside with martin, Elisa and Kira. The next ones are from my time after they left.

Haha i just noticed that you can see the progression of their little adventure down the hill haha.