About me

Hey! Again welcome to my blog and thank you so much for taking your time to read it. My name is Olivia and I occasionally like to write about things that happen in my life. I want you to know that whatever I am writing on this blog is coming from my own perspective which is obviously based on my experiences in life and my personality. And just like you I’m a human being and I make mistakes. * just FYI * And here are 10 facts about me…


  1. God first.
  2. I love to dance.
  3. I’m a very emotional person.
  4. Traveling is my passion.
  5. Gemini is my zodiac sign.
  6. I’m a vegetarian.
  7. I’m an optimist.
  8. I sleep like a rock.
  9. I’m from Munich, Germany.
  10. I hate olives.

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