Puerto Escondido – Becoming a Yogi & Surfer ? // Part II

And the adventure continues…  we drove 10 hours by bus from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido, the touristy Surfparadise of Mexico. We were super tired but we managed to get to our hostel at Zicatela beach and the first thing we did was simply relax. We had an exhausting tour day and bus ride behind us and we were looking for a timeout by the ocean. In the late afternoon we dragged our butts to the beach, and luckily it was not too hot so we were able to do some yoga as well. The next day we started off with a power breakfast at a vegetarian/vegan cafe called Elephant, and afterwards we organized ourselves some surf lessons. We met up with our teachers David and Rene in front of the surf shop, and we got a quick introduction and practice on how to stand up on the board. Afterwards we kind of expected to hop in a car and drive to the next beach, where the waves were better for beginners…well that did happen, it just took a few minutes to organize a cab that had racks on it for the boards haha. As we arrived at the beach Carrizalillo, we were stunned by the view. It is a beautiful bay located north from Zicatela beach where we were staying, the water was shimmery and had that perfect sky color. The waves were crashing on the cliffs, and we could already see some surfers try their best in the water. A few rocky stairs later, we got in the water to start our surf lesson. Our teachers were extremly friendly and helpful, constantly motivating us to keep going. When a wave was coming they told us to paddle and then they pushed the board so we would catch the right moment to stand up. We had such an amazing time that we booked another lesson for the next day. And we even got a discount! The next two days were spent with more surfing, good food and lots of sun. On our last day we got introduced to Silas, the surf legend of Puerto Escondido! He was this super sweet old guy, who looked 10 years younger because of his daily surfing. David and him told us many stories about the town and their experiences as surfers. We had some pizza together at a local place (It was so good!) and then we went down to the same beach again at night, and watched the stars and just talked. Silas told us about his connection with the water and nature and you could really tell that these guys have such a different approach to life and the environment, because their whole lives they went to the ocean to surf, to swim or simply to enjoy the water. Every single day. And for a moment I imagined my life being like theirs. How beautiful it must be to grow up in a town by the ocean, to be able to surf everyday and be with mother nature constantly. My dreamy thoughts were interrupted by the guys, because they decided to go night surfing. They even wanted us to try it but we weren’t in the mood and neither did we have our swimsuits on, so we watched them from the beach. And what we witnessed was one of the most amazing things, I think I’ve ever seen. They were able to surf in pure darkness with only a gimpse of a light, and they even did  handstands while surfing!! I was like what the..!??? HOW?? We were so impressed and at the same I just felt pure happiness. Only these guys could surf in their home  waters at night, knowing where the rocks are and which parts to avoid. Their comfort in their own home and surroundings was splashing over to me. This night was definitely one to remember. We wanted to stay in Puerto forever…

Unfortunately the same night ended up pretty rough, after hanging out with some other people, and I kind of screwed up. It’s very personally so I do not want to share but I just want to say that I felt many emotions, and I still do. It kind of threw me back in time, and for the last 2 weeks now I’ve had a very very emotional and hard time with myself. I didn’t let that ruin my ongoing trip, I can actually say that the rest of our time in Mexico has helped me to overcome and be okay again. I am okay now, and I’ve definitely learned another life lesson, if not a couple honestly.. But didn’t I ask for that in my last post? Lol, life can be interesting sometimes.

Anyways.. Lina and I decided to fly from Puerto Escondido to Mexico City, for a couple reasons. First of all Lina got sick, she was struggling with a bad cold from the first flight and the night bus, and she generally has not the strongest immune system, and we also wanted to stay longer by the beach than we thought, so if we would’ve driven back with the bus it would’ve taken another 2 days (with a stop in Oaxaca again) to get to Mexico City. So we arrived in the big city on friday around 11am and we went straight to our hostel to catch up on the sleep we had missed out on. In the late afternoon we strolled around a park and we went to a vegan Taco Truck for dinner. They had the best vegan tacos I have ever tasted, I swear!! The place is called “Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria”. And if you know how much I love vegan food than I’m sure you can imagine my facial expression while eating these pieces of heaven! Also it was very weird to be in a big city again, actually even weirder because I think it was the biggest city I’ve ever been in so far, the city has about 9 million habitants or even more with all the non-registered people. Riding the metro was fun too after almost 3 months haha. Well so far Lina and I had a great time in Mexico with so much going on, but also with many good talks. We were dreaming often about the future, we talked about opening up a vegan cafe in Oaxaca, becoming professional surfers and yogis and how we would spent our time living in Mexico. We love this country so much, there is no doubt that we’ll come back soon.

Next stop: Puebla!


Vamos a México! // Oaxaca mi corazón // Part I

Hi friends, I know it’s been a while since I have posted but I’m back now with lots of great stories from Mexico. So let’s just get  going!

Before I went abroad to start my volunteer program, my organization Kulturweit  organized a 10 day preparation seminar, and they told us that after 2 months into our time we would have another short seminar. Our seminar was scheduled for the 22nd – 26th of  May. Lina and I decided to fly to Mexico a week prior because we wanted to take advantage of the fact, that Kulturweit is paying for the flights (honestly who wouldn’t?). So we flew from San Jose, Costa Rica to Oaxaca, Mexico on May 11th. We only had the first two nights booked in Oaxaca de Juárez, the capital of the state Oaxaca. Without lots of planning we started our first days of travel. We explored the small capital by foot, just wandering really. The town has a beautiful colonial architecture, lots of cute little cafes and shops, and lots of street art as well. We immediately fell in love  with Oaxaca and made plans of opening our own cafe there one day. So who knows what the future might look like..

For sunday we spontanously booked a 1 day tour for 20€. First we went to Santa Maria del Tule, where we got a look at the thickest tree of the world: “El arbol del Tule”. The diameter of the stem is 14,05 meters and the tree is 2000+ years old. Well that was definitely a fun stop haha. Next stop was a traditional Zapotec weaving site, where the owner explained the process of weaving and the creation of the colors with natural resources like tumeric, trees, lemon etc. We also got some time to shop, and Lina bought a pillowcase, sadly I didn’t buy anything and now I regret it. Next we went to “Hierve el agua” which translates to “the waiter boils”. It is a set of natural rock formations that resemble cascades of water, so it kind of looks like a waterfall. The site also has natural pools and two artificial pools where people can swim, but they look really natural as well so I didn’t even notice that they were built by humans. To me this place was the highlight of the tour. I was standing at the edge of the cliff with my feet in the water looking into a  huge valley surrounded by gigantic mountains that seemed endless. I think it might have been one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. After exploring Hierve el agua, the next stop was Mitla. Mitla is the second most important archeological site in the state of Oaxaca and most important of the Zapotec culture. It was built as a gateway between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and the architecture is mostly Zapotec and Mixtec. The site represents the Mesoamerican belief that death was the most consequential part of life after birth. The Spanish arrived in 1520 and built a monastery next to it and unfortunately also destructed parts of Mitla and used the site for their own benefits. It was a very interesting place to me. We finally had lunch close by (we were starving!!) and afterwards we went to the last stop of the day – Mezcal tasting. Mezcal is distilled alcohol made from the heart of an agave plant, also called piña, and is a traditional mexican beverage. We got a short tour around the site and tested different types of Mezcal. And trust me it’s so strong. It is also mainly produced in the state of Oaxaca. So I asked myself: What is the difference between Mezcal and Tequila?

Here’s what I’ve found out:

  1. Tequila and mezcal are produced in different states of Mexico (though there is overlap).
  2. Tequila can only be made, by law, with one variety of agave:  the Blue Agave.  Mezcal can be made with upwards of 30 varieties of agave, though most are made with the Agave Espadin.
  3. The production process for mezcal is different from tequila which leads to a distinctly different flavor profile for mezcal.

That was the end of the tour and let me remind you that this was only 20 per person!! We truly enjoyed our two days in Oaxaca de Juárez and we literally fell in love with Mexico the first day we’ve been there. We even got to witness a wedding celebration outside of a church. And not without reason is the old town of Oaxaca de Juárez part of the UNESCO world heritage since 1987. Sadly we didnt’t have time to visit the famous Monte Abán site, but we are already sure that we’re coming back sooner or later, eventually to open up our cafe..? If you want to know more about the scientific, cultural and historical background of the sites and more, check out the links I have provided down below.






Thank you for reading. Hasta luego!





¡Feliz dos meses!

Welcome back friends and not-yet friends,

today marks exactly 2 months of my time here in Costa Rica. And all I can say is that time has flown by extremly fast! It seems just like yesterday that I was still working my butt off at my local bakery, smiling all day, serving coffee and pastries to customers.. well I’m glad that I am not stuck at that point in my life right now. I definitely feel like I have settled in pretty quickly, I got to know my ways around town, how to get to Alajuela, San Jose and Heredia, how to recharge my phone and pay my bills etc. And now that I am getting better and better in spanish I also feel more comfortable because now instead of understanding nothing, I can at least understand something. I think I will make another post about how I learn/study spanish here.

What I can definitely say is that I have struggled. Maybe even more than I think I have. I have touched upon this subject before but I gotta do it again because I think a lot of people can relate to it. Learning a new language is hard. Living in a completely new country where they speak a language that you do not speak is even more difficult. Living on your own for the first time is a challenge as well. All of a sudden there’s so much responsibility! Gotta pay bills, clean the whole place (although I did that at home too), take care of your stuff while you’re gone, try not to break things etc.  And of course working at a new job and getting started wasn’t easy  as well. Especially since speaking spanish is kind of necessary for it. There were a lot of times where I felt uncomfortable, not knowing what people were saying, and not being able to talk to them. The fear of saying something wrong or the moment when you want to say something so bad but you don’t know how to say it in spanish. I have definitely felt angry, sad and frustrated in the past two months. And I think that I have shut down when everything was just too much for me. Hearing, learning and speaking a new language can be quite exhausting you know?  Nevertheless I slowly started to overcome my fears, and i simply didn’t want to feel bad about myself anymore. Not understanding anything at all continously motivated me more and more to keep stuyding and practicing everyday. I started to ask more for help. I started talking more to people. And I will keep doing that until I can speak spanish decently. There are also some personal issues that have affected my mental being as well, but I keep learning more about it, and I try to work on it. Sometimes it just feels very heavy. Luckily I have my faith that keeps me going.

Gratitude is what I feel constantly. I mean I get to wake up in this beautiful, green country everyday! Sometimes I can’t even believe it myself. I am surrounded by genuine and loving people who make my time here very special. And I am nearly 19 and living on the other side of the world. Damn. I am truly blessed, and there is nothing more to say except that I wish everyone feels gratitude as well. Just take a moment and appreciate what you have in your life.

I am looking forward to my upcoming travels, experiences and adventures that await me during my time abroad and I am eager to learn more life lessons, whatever it might be.


Muchas gracias for following my journey! I truly appreciate you.


Roadtrip to Manuel Antonio

Hola amigos!

I’m back with a new blogpost for you guys. Once again the three of us (Charlotte,Lina & myself) have managed to travel to a new destination. This time we made it to Manuel Antonio, a beachtown on the pacific coast with one of Costa Rica’s most famous Nationalparks! We took off work for Monday because Tuesday was labor day, so we could have a longer weekend and more time for this trip.  After work on friday we met up in San Jose and went to a Chinese place for dinner, where I ate a really bad Chop Suey (actually I wouldn’t even call it Chop Suey). Lina managed to buy the bus tickets for us as she arrived earlier. We left at 9am the next morning and we had a pretty smooth ride to Manuel Antonio, about 4 hours. We checked in at our hostel (Millenium Hostel) and decided to go to the beach right away. Okay so now comes the time for one of my amazing fails that seem to happen from time to time.. The waves were really wild and strong, but I said I’ll go in first and check out the situation. It was not really a sandy beach so there were many rocks..  I went in very slowly because I was walking on rocks right, and the water was maybe up to my knees – then this big wave came but I was like c’mon I’m gonna stand strong – and to be honest the wave didn’t look that scary, but it was soo strong that it knocked me down, and not just my body but my bathing suit as well. There you have it. I was now laying on spikey rocks  covering my vagina and trying to adjust my bathing suit, when another wave knocks me over and I’m half naked again. By now about 8 other people on the beach are starring at me and I somehow manage to get up and my two friends are grinning at me. I had to laught too though, it was just an epic fail. The rest of the afternoon we hung out by the Hostel’s pool (big bonus) and in the evening we literally hiked to the ATM that was 2km away, and then treated ourselves at a pizza place (El Wagon) on the way back. On Sunday we went to the Nationalpark which was right in front of our hostel,we had to pay about 16$/13 to get in. We started walking around some trails and I took a bunch of photos with my camera. We saw some monkeys, lots of lizzards and iguanas, tucans, racoons and sloths. Besides wildlife we also saw stunning scenery, beautiful beaches with rocky cliffs and so much green fauna and flora! Costa Rica is an extremly green country, everywhere you look it’s green, and I love it. The nature here is unbelievably gorgeous. We enjoyed the day in the park a lot, and we even managed to swim in a relatively calm bay without getting naked. In the evening we cooked pasta and enjoyed some craft beer by the bonfire in our Hostel. We all wanted to try to save money so we decided to only eat out once and cook the rest of the days. On Monday we had pancakes for breakfast and afterwards we took the bus towards Quepos town. But we got out early because we wanted to go to Playa Biesanz. As we walked down the hills some guys offered us a ride and of course we didn’t say no! The beach was kind of crowded but not extremely. It was a beautfiul bay and perfectly calm, so we enjoyed swimming there – also without getting naked!  Unfortunately a storm was coming towards us so we decided to leave and we managed to hitchhike again. Lina took the bus back to Manuel Antonio and Charlotte and I wanted to go and buy our bus tickets for the next day (you can only buy them at the bus station in Quepos). We eventually hitchhiked a 3rd time, towards Quepos as I randomly pointed my thumb out as we waited for the bus. It’s definitely worth trying! It rained for rest of the day, so we spent our time doing yoga, reading and watching Netflix. On Tuesday morning we had smoothies for breakfast and chilled by the pool for the last time, then we checked out some souvenir shops and ate some ice cream. As it was time to go Lina realised that she had accidentally thrown her bus ticket away hahaha. So the Hostel staff was fishing in the trash but luckily they found it right away! ‘Glück im Unglück’ – ‘blessing in disguise’. We took the bus at 1pm and got home around 7ish. We had an amazing time in Manuel Antonio and I can definitely recommend it. It is indeed very touristy but I think the Nationalpark is totally worth it. Uploading photos soon!

Thanks for reading Mae! (costa rican slang for bro/dude)