First Impressions

Little remark: I decided to write in English, because some people from my Erasmus in Poland asked me to.

It has been one week since I arrived to Accra now. One week full of new things, faces and impressions. Looking back at it I would say that I had a good start, even though some things were a bit of a „culture-shock“ for me.

Describing the week I will start with my accommodation. I live in a flat in Osu, that I share with  2 other Germans, Olivia and Laura, and one American. My address is: Okodan road, the white house with the orange wall near the blue gate. I am wondering, whether I will ever get mail here. Our host is a lovely Ghanaian Lady called Mummy, who considers us as her kids. Osu is a lively neighborhood full of little shops that provide everything you need and pretty close to the Oxford street, which is the main street for shopping and nightlife in Accra. The street has two supermarkets, that could be described as European- but so are the prices.

My first impression of Accra is that the city is colorful, chaotic, modern, traditional and totally different from all the places I have ever been to. I have to adapt to a lot of new things, that I am not used to, like drinking my water out of a plastic bag,  walking on the streets without a pavement at most of the time, many taxidrivers hooting at me, people sometimes staring at me, buying electricity in a shop, finding my way to work by Tro-Tro. But I would not say that this is all bad stuff. For example I personally think, that it is way nicer and more communicative to buy your things in small street shops and I really like the Tro-Tros, which are super cheap and fast ( I pay 1,6 Cedi= 0,3 Euro to go to work). Furthermore I appreciate about Ghana, that most people are really helpful and friendly. For example, one guy payed my water, because I just had 50 Cedi, that no one could change.


Concerning work I cannot tell a lot so far. My bosses are really nice and visited me at home to make sure that I am fine. Seeing that I just had 2 real work days yet, there was not a lot to do and I just started by reviewing the website, which I might be responsible for in the following months. On Friday, there was a sanitation day, which means that all people at work cleaned the area.

Makola Market

The first weekend in Accra was really nice. I went to an event called music under the stars, which was an open air concert complemented by some poetry. On Saturday I visited the Makola market, the biggest market in Accra, to buy fabrics and a dress for work. The market was full of people and I almost got my bag stolen, but generally was really colorful and nice. In the end of the day we were so sunburned and dizzy that we could not go out anymore. The highlight of the weekend was our getaway to Labadi Beach, which is Accra´s city beach and a popular place for locals. It was really nice to get out of the stressful city for a moment and relax at the beach, even though there were some promoters that followed us around. In addition to that I was really shocked and sad about all the plastic in the water. Labadi Beach is the best example for a beautiful place, that is destroyed by the people and their disregard for the environment. Not only in Ghana, but all over the world, the enormous use of plastic is a big problem.

Labadi Beach

How we want it to be


I also tried to find a handball team to practice the sport I love the most and for that went to a tournament at university. Unfortunately it turned out that all the teams are practicing during the day, because they neither have indoor facilities nor spotlights. Hopefully I will find another sport to workout and meet new people.

There are a lot of other things to tell, but it is enough for now.


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