where we come from

Janne and Fanny

We’re 2 young women, who got the amazing chance of spending (half) a year abroad to work in Goethe Institut, Germany’s cultural institute worldwide, with the support of Kulturweit, the voluntary service of the German foreign culture and education politics. What motivates us to write this blog together?

Not only have we started and completed our studies of “Metropolitan Culture” in Hamburg together, but in between the 4 years of studies we have laughed, travelled and discussed a lot. As close friends, we want to share our experiences in 2 cities, only 300km away from each other. Our aim is not to compare, complain or criticize, but to focus realities, chances and initiatives while questioning our own “German” position. This blog helps us to give you an impression of how life can feel like in another country, but also to process our impressions and feelings. We’re curious on to be reflecting on what we bring with us and what we learn.

добър ден!

Fanny: I’m a 23-year old girl, originally from Berlin. I had the chance to live in five cities so far: Berlin, Hamburg, Rome, Leipzig & Dresden. I look forward to working at Goethe-Institut in Sofia for 12 months. So far, I have no notion of Bulgaria and Slavic Languages, but I hope that’s going to change very soon.

I love exploring new places & meeting new people. Besides I like asking questions, cycling in the city, listening to the radio/podcasts & drinking beverages through a straw. I enjoy visiting museums & exhibitions. My friends know that my interests change constantly, so let’s see where this year will take me.


Janne: Now 22 years old, grown up in Bamberg – a cute town in central Germany – but lived in various countries throughout Europe, my longing to vibrant seaside cities has again been fulfilled. Being blessed with the privilege to work in Thessaloniki’s Goethe-Institut for half a year, I am going to offer you my perspective on a city, that is rich of history, culture, creativity and innovative spirit.

Strolling around through remote urban areas is one of my long-term hobbies – still, enjoying silence in countryside is a growing desire I feel after the last years of living in a city together with 2 million people and traveling. Perhaps these are the roots for my ritual of weekly cake-baking … You will meet my strong interest in (local) food, yoga and photography in the blog!