9 to 5: autumn in Thessaloniki

Hello from Greece! By spamming you with more and more pictures, I’ll speed up a little with reporting from the past months 🙂 Everyday life has took over in November and December, and I have felt like my routine here has catched me. Work is okay, getting up early is easier than I had thought and my Yoga practice is summing up most of my days. These pictures are a mashup of before and after my seminar trip.

getting up early is not that hard with this light in my window! thank god, this winter, I never had to wake up when it was still dark!


on the way to work – with my bike in the elevator …


an emotional event of “Stolperstein-Legen” in the old port of Thessaloniki, where many jews were deported


celebrating the finishing of Goethe’s garden complex


the last hours before opening a photography exhibition in a warehouse in the port


me, in our Artecitya room

There are days like this …

and days like that …


… but when Cara&Laura from Hamburg visited me in early November, we had a great time!

the street market next to my house, before (!) breakfast


breakfast! in the sun


exploring Ano Poli, the old town

… and having late dinner

I’m ending with this picture which was taken when I took the first step out of the cinema during the international film festival. What a great view.

the mountains to the left, that’s the Olymp. One day, it will get its own post.

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