say do you remember…

… Ba de ya – dancing in September
Ba de ya – never was a cloudy day

(Earth Wind and Fire – September)

My arrival in Riga was made so easy for me. My lovely colleague Ieva came to the airport to pick me up and first showed me our office and introduced me to my boss Heiko. So that’s my workplace:

The building of Riga’s Technical University – my workplace

From there we walked to my flat which I found empty. I have two flatmates, a German Medical Student Caro and a Latvian girl Ksenjia, who’s already working. I was quite happy to have some time on my own to settle and unpack my stuff. I felt welcomed in this cosy appartment and smiled at the sign which still hangs on my door.

I found this attached to my door – it reminds me of my Erasmus semester in Italy every day

So I had an easy and relaxed start and more will follow soon!