nobody said it was easy

Someday I read that there’s a Coldplay-Song for every situation. Maybe that’s partly true. Anyway, this line is running around in my mind. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I knew right when I applied for this programm that it means to say goodbye and start anew. And I’ve already done that before.

Last year I left, to study abroad for one semester. I did, because everybody else of my studies left too. I did the same, maybe because it was on vouge, maybe because I didn’t want to be alone at our home university. But I cannot recall why I was motivated to leave so much behind.

Today I can say: It was totally worth it! I made so many good experiences, I grew and I got to know wonderful people. And also when I came back home I started to appreciate more the things I already had before I left. I felt so much richer.

Now I remember why I applied for this programm. I thought I have nothing to lose and just give it a try. I thought I have to go abroad again before I start working or go on with a master degree. I admit, that’s a weak motivation. But I feel blessed to have gotten the chance to do this! To face new challenges and to volunteer. And what will ever be easy in live?

As Coldplay would say: Lights will guide you home. So we will all make our way, and it will be an important experience. It requires just a little courage.

Lots of love,


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