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Things I miss

As I’m on the plane on my way back home now and I can’t really come up with highly reflective content, I decided to write a list of things I miss(ed) and really look forward to:

– Raclette. The typical German meal for any reunion with friends or family in December, easy but delicious at the same time.
– Christmas cookies. Shame on me, I didn’t maintain my 14 year streak baking them but I honestly didn’t feel like it at 25°C and without my aunt or my mom.
– Glühwein. Something very European as I found out but easily prepared at home and enjoyed various times by all of us.
– Christmas markets. Why isn’t there such a thing here! I feel like I’ll spend my whole December 2019 freezing on them, eating Feuerwurst and looking for presents nobody actually wants.
– Snow and cold. You probably remember I told you I’m psyched about 3 consecutive summers because I hate winter? Well, if you spend 18 years with a normal seasons cycle, skipping winter just feels weird and your body kind of asks for the winter blues.
– Going for a run. Whenever and wherever I want. First, it’s not safe here and second the air is so bad so it’s actually not healthy.
– Friends. That sounds very sad but of course I maintained lots of contact, looked at pictures and had my lonely moments so hey, feels good to be with them again soon.
– Warm water. Trivial but if you don’t have it, I swear, you never get used to it.
– Good coffee. Just found out dissolving the instant coffee in milk makes it a lot better but still not comparable to my french press or a real machine.
– Routine. Quite abstract but the past months still feel like extended holidays because I never had the same rhythm for more than 3 weeks. I bet I’ll miss the freedom soon but we always want what we don’t have right?
– Bread. Of course there is bread but it’s rather „bread“. Lots of air, you need a ridiculous amount of it to be sated and it tastes like…paper.
– Chocolate. There is no milka in Peru! Can you believe it! Nor any cheap chocolate at all so I basically developed an oreo-addiction. You can’t imagine my euphoria when my parents brought me 1kg of Milka taken of the birthday present of my best friend. Thanks again, you really saved me.
– Tea. I’m not an expert but sometimes it’s nice not to have to uniquely stick to either camomile, hierba luisa or plain black tea.
– Health/Stable immune system. That’s not actually something you can get or lose but I’ve never been sick so often before. The food, the climate, the shock; there are many explanations but still it sucks staying in bed all day long when there’s so much to explore.
– Inline skating. This just came up some days ago when I saw someone doing it and I remembered that this is tons of fun but a bit suicidal in Trujillo.
– Same currency. You can debate about the EU a lot but wow the same currency in different countries definitely is a relief! Especially if you can’t change your money in other countries just like Peruvian Soles in Argentina. Still don’t understand why.
– Natural Safety. I mean going out on the streets without holding your belongings tight, taking almost any street you want and using public transportation without fearing you’ll get stabbed after a certain hour. That sounds exaggerated but just living under these hostile circumstances makes you feel the opposite of free.
– Anonymity. People not noticing you, not staring at you or even more. Not being the center of (negative) attention anymore. Something I got to enjoy in Argentina already and I’m looking forward to even more now in Germany.
– Drinkable tap water. That luckily changed after a time when we installed a purification filter but the water still tastes bad and travelling is particularly more difficult.

You might ask now: That’s it? What about your own bed at home, your cat Tabby or playing the piano? You’re right, I could just add that to my list but I feel like this was rather to brainstorm a little than posting an elaborated report. Also, there will be Peruvian things I’ll miss too and I don’t want to create a wrong picture. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask!

~ Jenny