Bars, surfing and human rights

Three weeks, several visits at the local hospital and three penicilline injections worked their miracle: I’m finally back among the living and started my routine again as if nothing had happened. There were some nice surprises awaiting such as a more effective Taekwondo training incorporating more fitness elements or a new bus line working as a shortcut for me.

As I still don’t have too much work to do at school, I decided to organise an Amnesty International workshop for the students of the higher classes in order to spread the most basic values human rights stand for. Being part of the annual „Write for Rights“ movement seemed a good opportunity to me to both defend human rights in Peru and sensibilise children for this topic sporadically discussed in school. For further details and photos please visit the separate blog entry!

I also finally came to dedicate more free time to culturally enriching acitivities such as visiting the famous „Huaca del Sol y de la Luna“, another archaeological site of the Moche culture. Not only did I learn lots of new things, I also got to know an artisanal artist, descendent of the Moche, working on ceramics for a living. I even painted some pieces myself and listened to his stories which I enjoyed a lot due to the calm atmosphere in the small village.

Moreover, I went to the cinema for the first time here (Bohemian Rhapsody, what else) and assisted two little concerts in different bars here in Trujillo that were both amazing. The first one presented Criojazz, a fusion between classical Jazz and Peruvian music which was bizarre at first but included great rhythms and sounds in the end. The second one represented a tribute to the Arctic Monkeys, a band I already knew before. The band was incredible and almost everyone was able to sing along which created a very special atmosphere. Both bars seemed a little sketchy in the beginning but soon were full of curious, young and also international people.

Last sunday I finally got to visit the mysterious lagoon of Conache, a small lake in the middle of nowhere but a popular place for a relaxing day out of Trujillo. It was full of families and there were plenty of activities offered but most importantly I tried sandboarding for the first time and I can say it was insanely fun! Climbing up the sanddunes was intense but definitely worth it every time because you pick up speed rapidly and the technique isn’t too difficult. Of course we fell spectacularly the whole time but luckily the sand was soft so we had a lot to laugh. After that, we cleaned off the sand (which was basically everywhere) bathing in the lagoon and spent some more time on the small beach next to it. All in all we really had a good time and I’ll probably come back to that place again.

After the enthusiastic stories of my house mates, I decided to try out surfing here in Huanchaco. I personally was pretty sceptical because I remembered surfing in Spain to be pretty boring but my expectations have definitely been exceeded. A short theory session familiarised us with the correct techniques and soon we tried them out in the water. Swimming against the the waves was tough but surfing on them made it all worth it. Although it was my first lesson, I had lots of fun and I’m definitely going to continue this for the rest of my time here in Peru.

Two days ago, I was invited to the clausura of the olimpiadas maxplancistas 2018, the closing event of the Olympics of my school. Again in Buenos Aires, I watched the impressive dancing performances of each class, cheered with my students for their parents and chatted a little more with the teachers. It was another long day full of activities I appreciated very much.

In the evening, I went to a club for the first time with some friends and I can say it’s pretty different from what I know in Germany. I haven’t made up my mind yet whether I like it too much because as a European girl you’re kind of the center of attention but I haven’t made any bad experience.

This week I’m spending in Pachacámac, a village near Lima for a kulturweit seminar which I will comment on in my next blog entry!

~ Jenny