Toupi workshop

How are you? How much do you already know about children’s rights? How important are children’s rights to you?

With these questions, the Toupi group opened their workshop they specially prepared for the children learning German here in Peru. Fernando, Helen and Nora designed a half-day workshop full of information, action and fun where the students are supposed to learn everything about their rights and understand the importance of those. Think about it: How many would you know?

The workshop is conceptualised around the bird Toupi who is leading the students on a world trip where every country represents a particular right. To better visualise this tour, the Toupi group, easily recognisable by their professional shirts, created an individual and interactive passport where the students will receive a unique stamp after every trip.
Posters throughout the classroom such as the „word garage“ helped guide the students through the experience. Any question was answered immediately or remembered to be discussed later on. Every unit included a game that required group work, reflection skills and creativity such as moving a ping pong ball via wooden sticks that then formed a so-called pipeline.

Apart from this, the Toupi group also offers a similar workshop about democracy which they offered in other schools in Peru. They originally travel around Germany and Luxembourg and have now successfully brought their work to Peru, the country Fernando comes from, as well.

This intercultural exchange is probably the most important part of the workshop because it enables the children here in Peru to gain access to seemingly universal norms and values.
I personally helped out during the whole workshop and was impressed by the motivation and dedication of the Toupi group. Therefore I wanted to share this amazing project with you and if you’re interested, have a look on their Facebook page as well and maybe leave a like there!

~ Jenny