Pollo o carne?

The love park in Miraflores, Lima

Lifehack to feel 100% comfortable in your new country: take a taxi from the airport to your hostel and you will be surprised that you’re still alive. Suddenly, you know how to appreciate the silence of your friends that are already sleeping and you try to forget the traffic outside. Taxi drivers seem to have unlimited access to an army of guardian angels and the constant use of their horn makes it all seem like an aggressive battle of who is the sneakiest. I’m convinced we were.

Welcome to Peru, hi Lima! A 10 Million city with contrasts I hadn’t expected to be quite so prominent. Not only can the different quarters be easily divided into richer and poorer regions or into more or less delinquency. Also houses next to each other can show a variety of standards ranging from recently modernised flats to vast ruins.

Apart from being welcomed in the Goethe Institut by our PASCH-coordinators, we also visited Barrancos (an alternative quarter with amazing Peruvian food) and Miraflores (a very safe and nice quarter). Traditional cuisine such as ceviches (raw fish), anticuchos (pork’s hearts) or chicha morada (a juice made of corn) had to be tried and I personally became a huge fan. I also learned that being vegetarian is no problem here because you still can eat chicken. Obviously, chicken is not meat, so why bother?

Heading to Trujillo was a bit relieving for me because 1 Million people is a lot easier to handle. You won’t believe me but it feels very calm and familiar living here and people don’t necessarily treat you as the stranger from Europe you objectively are.
The first day was intensely chaotic because of my house being an entire mess but luckily I got help from the three other volunteers that have already been living here for some weeks. My bathroom is still under water and I haven’t yet dared to start cleaning the kitchen but I’m working on it.

The next days I’ll post an update about my work here and some first encounters and impressions so stay tuned!

~ Jenny


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