~ First Peru vibes ~

Heya my fellow people!

I’m Jenny and welcome to my blog! I’m glad you volunteered to read it. I decided to start this although I’m not totally sure yet whether I’ll be able to keep it up to date…I apologize in advance for any missing content!

A few words about myself first: I will turn 18 soon and just graduated high school last month. After having spent a month in Israel, I’m now looking forward to my upcoming 6 months in Trujillo/Peru where I’ll volunteer at the Instituto Max Planck. What exactly am I gonna do there? That’s something I still need to find out…

However, I’m very excited for my departure on 13 September, which is sooner than it seems due to the preparation seminar in Berlin right before it. Although we were told not to bring too much stuff for our stay (especially clothes), I feel like I should be well equipped, just in case. Apart from that, I just got my visa but other things want to be organized too.

So hopefully see you soon when I can talk a bit more about the seminar and the 300 people that I really look forward to get to know there!

~ Jenny