Experiences while travelling in Ghana

Ghana is beautiful, Ghana is diverse and Ghana is wonderful. Those are the first things that come into my mind, when thinking about the last two weeks. I was happy that my boyfriend came to visit me and we had the chance to travel around Ghana together.

Cape Coast


While planning the route it was really difficult to decide what to see in those two weeks, but in the end we decided for travelling along the coast. We started from Accra to Cape Coast and were lucky to get a comfortable Ford Bus. Sometimes travelling in Ghana can be quite difficult – especially for people with long legs that don’t really fit in the TroTros. Cape Coast turned out to be the best first stop we could asked for. The city embraced us with its relaxing flair and we felt immediately calmer than in Accra. Indeed Cape Coast has a lot to offer as well. Beside its beautiful beach, the city is also famous for the Kakum Nationalpark, where people have the chance to do a canopy walk in a rainforest. Luckily we were not afraid of height and the rain made the place even more authentic. Another must-see is Cape Coast Castle. The castle can be visited in groups and shows the cruel reality while colonial times. We walked inside the caves in which hundreds of years ago millions of slaves had to suffer caused by the horrible circumstances that they had to live in. It was interesting and horrible at the same time.


Heading three hours more west we arrived the small village of Busua (pronounced Busia as we found out). Busua has nothing more to offer than a really long beautiful beach and a sea that is fun to bath in – we did not need more for the next two days. It is also one of the most famous surfer spots in Ghana, which gave us no choice than to test our surfing skills (more or less successful). The only thing that disturbed the paradise were the bed bucks in our bed and the cockroaches in our shower. Moreover we found out that a discussion over the right musician (Shatta Wale or Stonebwoy) can turn into men shouting at each other for an hour, taking this cause really serious.


Knowing that we had to head back towards Accra, we decided to book a hotel, laying on one of the beaches close to Accra. We were prepared for the rather long ride of 3.5 hours. In the end it turned out to be a 6 hour ride, seeing that we had the false village in mind and our driver was lost as well. The situation got even worse, due to the fact that half way the street disappeared and turned into a gravel road with a lot of bumps and wholes. Nevertheless the place was worth the ride.


After two days, in which we have been treated like kings, we decided to drive to the eastern Volta region. The ride was a bit difficult as well: Taxi-TroTro-TroTro-Taxi. We were out of cash when leaving Accra, but pretty sure about finding a cash-machine on our way. This turned out to be wrong, seeing that all the machines we tried in Sogakope were out of network. Anyway, we drove to Dzita and tried not to think about it too much. The Volta region is full of green and our hotel was lying right at a lagoon and the sea. Also it was really nice to meet other travellers for a change (most of the times we have been the only guests). The next days we spent with trying to get money at the next two ATM’s, which meant a 40 minutes ride in a shared taxi, but also with relaxing and enjoying our stay. The highlight of the journey was a boat trip to a small island, where we had a bonfire and some drinks that were also called Fire. Being successful with getting money at the third day, we could continue our trip to our last stops Ho and Hohoe.


In Ho we were living on 700m heights and stayed in a  hotel with a stunning view. The ride to the hotel was breathtaking, especially when driving by mototaxi. After one day in this beautiful mountains we continued to Hohoe to visit the famous Wli Falls (highest waterfall in west africa). The Waterfall impressed me a lot and was just beautiful to watch. Seeing that it was our last stop we drove back to Accra the next day. The road to Accra was a terrible 4 hour bumpy ride, but with beautiful surrounding. Looking out of my window I was lucky enough to see baboons on the road eating the fruits of the trees next to the street.

Things I learned while travelling through Ghana:

  • Never trust the timing of Google Maps
  • Functioning ATMs are hard to find in some parts of Ghana
  • Cigarettes too
  • Simple hair tails too
  • Fire is a ginger drink that burns everything in your mouth
  • TroTros are mostly the only way to get around
  • But the big busses and Ford buses the more comfortable one
  • Mosquitos love me
  • Bedbucks too
  • Rain season starts later than expected.
  • In my opinion people in Ghana are really hospitable.
  • A simple taxi has space for 8 people, plus baby.


  1. Clara

    Liebe Zaira,
    Deine Erlebnisse hören sich so spannend und schön an (außer die Bettwanzen-ihh!). Ich vermisse dich hier in Deutschland und freu mich schon, dich wieder zu sehen. <3
    Genieß die letzten zwei Monate! 🙂

    P.S.: dein Englisch ist so schön. 🙂

  2. Gaby

    Hallo Zaira, da werde ich ganz wehmütig, wenn ich das lese. Es war echt so schön. LG

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