Time is Flying

Sitting in the office with no light and no internet access, I finally have the time to write another post. The past two and a half weeks were full of new experiences again and it will be difficult to sum up everything. Therefore I will just point out to some important aspects that reflect my impressions.

I will start with the description of a really interesting project that in my opinion is worth to support. The project is called “Dunk” and gives children the opportunity to learn and grow in a healthy environment. Attracted through Basketball, Dunk offers education and support for the children. Located in the really poor area Jamestown, the project helps children to grow up under better circumstances. Even though I am rather critically against development projects, I think this project is great, seeing that it is conducted by locals under the support of volunteers. We got in contact with the programme, when attaining a Hip-Hop Jam in Jamestown. This was quite an experience, seeing that by the time of our arrival all of the kids immediately started touching us and wanted us to play with them. They were lovely, but we felt a bit uncomfortable anyway when some of the kids started to beg for popcorn and would not leave us alone for a second. On the other hand I could understand their interest. One week later I also attained a walking tour through the district. I still do not know how to feel about it. Me as privileged due to the fact that I grew up in the upper middle class of Germany, walking around with other tourists, seeing the people living in a fisher village in small huts under not really healthy and poor circumstances. That really touched me. On the other hand I don’t think that their life is less or that they cannot be happy anyway. No, but I just wished that every child had the same opportunity to attain good education and live the life they want to lead.

Referring to the title of the post I really have the feeling as time is flying. I am in Ghana since three and a half weeks now and it feels like I just have left Germany. Meanwhile I started to get a daily routine. In my freetime I attain yoga or boxing classes (which is the most exhausting thing I have ever done) or spend time with my flatmates at home. Moreover there are always some nice events like poetry or music at the Goethe Institute or Salsa classes in Afrikiko to attain to. The weekends are mostly for exploring nice spots around Accra. I spend the Easter weekend with my parents, who came to Ghana to visit me and discover the country. It was really nice having them around and showing them my life here. They are travelling right now and after three days at work I will join them again. It is so nice to spend some time travelling with my parents, because it has been quite a while since we had the chance to do so.

Aburi Gardens

Concerning working life, I started to think about a project to contribute to the aim of UNESCO. Finally, I decided to do something about the thing that disturbs me the most in Ghana: the waste of plastic and its failed disposal. That does not mean we don’t have the same problem in Germany. We have, but in a different way. In my opinion the change has to start in people’s mind and therefore has to be part of the educational system. Seeing that UNESCO Ghana has a school partnership programme (ASPNet) I would like to engage in this partnership and create educational material, that enhances the schoolchildren to lead a more sustainable life and act as a global citizen. I have seen that other volunteers did a similar project in Latin America and were successful with it. Anyway I have to adjust the material to the situation in Ghana.


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