The Ayb week

So after the little week of adventure i was spontaneously put to the school in the capital for a week ( to the annoyance of my „room mates“ hah), the Ayb school. The ayb school is probably the richest and best school anyone has ever seen haha. It has a very clean and polished appearance. Amazing architecture with integrated slides from floor to floor and laboratory rooms, robotics lab and much more. Basically my task there would be to help out and help start the Project they are having with the Elite Pforta school in Germany ( which i have never heard from before this ).

Not going to lie, i was pretty disappointing with what i did there the whole week. Sure a well made and healthy free lunch was nice but i basically always went there, sat a round for a bit, maybe did some small task like translating or helping the students sign up to the forum they are using for the project ( which lead to me loosing my USB for my wireless mouse. dont ask.) , talk with some kids or sit in a lesson but that was it haha. My expectations where much higher so thats my mistake 😉

But yeah i always went there with a GG taxi, something like a very cheap uber and took it back.On one ride , I forgot my headphones in it so that bummed me out alot.

Oh and on Wednesday we went to a gallery opening of a Armenian artists in the German embassy. Of course the food was lovely, i got to talk with Jacob a bit again and funnily enough the Italian ambassador and his daughter swung by which was pretty interesting. But thats about it. I am now currently in Chambarack again. I arrived a few hours and its Sunday. Lets hope the next week will be much better 🙂 Definetly not lying about that and probably not missing out any details because i want this done haha